Bearberry leave and fruit used in skin lightening serum

Bearberry leaf extract and natural skin brightening

What is Bearberry Extract?

Bearberry (botanically called arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is a dwarf shrub that adapted to arctic and sub-arctic climates. The name itself “Bearberry” derives from the fact that it’s a favorite food of bears.

For us skincare geeks, the magic in the plant comes from its leaves. The main constituents of Bearberry leaf are Glycosides Arbutin (up to 15%), Methylarbutin (up to 4%), small quantities of the free Aglycones, and a range of natural anti-oxidants. Traces of polyphenols can also be found in the extract that has made Bearberry leaf an ideal protector against lipid oxidation and biological ageing of tissues.

Bearberry Leaf extract and natural skin-lightening/Brightening:

Bearberry leaf contains a high concentration of natural hydroquinone mainly in the form of arbutin that works to fade hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin (pigment) in the skin.

It is worth mentioning that hydroquinone itself is banned in most countries including Pakistan due to its carcinogenic nature. This form of hydroquinone in Bearberry leaf is completely safe and research has shown that it has helped individuals fight pigmentation. It comes as no surprise that Bearberry leaf extract is a favorite ingredient for skin brightening in Korean skincare industry.

At Hunza Herbal, we use Bearberry leaf extract along with Vitamin C to strengthen the serum’s whitening and anti-oxidant properties.  You can use the serum to fight pigmentation and age spots with the knowledge that the formulation is completely safe and made out of naturally sourced ingredients.

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