Acne: what are the most effective treatment options?

Acne: what are the most effective treatment options?

Depending on the type and severity of acne, you can choose from a wide range of robust treatment options. Topical ‘Tretinoin’ can be used to quicken the turnover of skin cells so dead cells don’t clog the pores. It’s a mainstay in many a treatment regime and has the added bonus of having brightening and skin tightening effects. 

For severe acne, ‘Isotretinoin’ is the best possible cure for acne, however, it’s not recommended for pregnant women as it can cause damage to the fetus – DO NOT self-medicate with Isotretinoin if you are through a pregnancy.  

For women who suffer from cyclical breakouts of acne during their menstrual cycle, ‘Spironolactone’ can be used which will keep testosterone in check. However, a doctor’s prescription should be sought before using this medicine. Contemporary treatments for acne also use light-based treatments such as photodynamic therapy and chemical peels that may help treat acne and fade acne scars. 

To fight acne, it is important that you use skincare products that do not have any irritants. Always read the ingredients and choose products that are gentle and safe for your skin. More importantly one must not pull and acne lesions as it can significantly worsen the scarring and subsequent recovery.

With proper treatment and advice from your dermatologist, almost all forms of acne are treatable so never lose hope.

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